One Year Strong!

This is going to be a personal post, which is rare for this blog. This weekend, I’ll be celebrating my one year wedding Anniversary!

This year I accomplished a handful of goals at work, hit some milestones in my career, and traveled more than any other year, 2005-2006 has been great to me.

The best thing has been coming home to my beautiful wife every evening. As a best friend, she’s supported me in everything I do, and even attended some geek events at my pressing.

I hope to pay her back, not just for going to geek events, but for the dinners, listening to me yammer, and all the times you’ve reminded me to take the trash out before the garbage truck comes. We’ll be heading to Lake Tahoe this weekend to celebrate our first Anniversary, staying in a quiet condo on North Shore. We’ll just unplug, unwind, wine, dine, relax, and enjoy.

Thanks Shel and Paula for the wishes! (Martin too!!!)Yes, we were compatible ever since we first met, and have felt like we were married for decades. In my mind, the ceremony was just a public formality. Shirley and I wish you and Paula a long and happy marriage, maybe, just maybe, we’ll invite you guys next year!

This weekend, I won’t be bringing a laptop, I won’t check email, and I won’t approve comments that wordpress doesn’t allow, this is one weekend the web can wait.

Update Tuesday Sept 5: Back from Tahoe!
Thanks for all the emails, instant messages, phonecalls, blog posts and comments, we had a great time celebrating our first year.

The trip highlights were the exploration the ‘un’-developed East Shore. (see Flickr set). Some trail signs showed discussed the reasons that will make Tahoeless blue. cars, development, algae, sediment from waterways.

The trail signs indicated that the water will decrease in it’s clarity over time, I’m glad I got to experience it now before it loses it’s beauty. Of course, we packed in all our trash, and did our best not to damage the eco.

Having thoroughly enjoyed our get away trip to Tahoe, I can’t help but observe the amount of SUVs that were towing large boats with huge outboard 500HP motors that would sport a “Keep Tahoe Blue” bumper sticker.

A quick Google search yielded that Yahoo Blogger Jeremy Zawodny noticed the same last year. (It amazes me how he is above the fold on so many search result pages).

‘I’ve noticed that the vast majority of vehicles I see sporting the Keep Tahoe Blue bumper sticker are SUVs.

Does this cognitive dissonance not register with anyone else?

I’ve even spotted it on two Hummers in the Bay Area. But never once have I seen one on a hybrid auto like the Toyota Prius or Honda Insight.

Is this some inside joke I’m not aware of?’

Since I don’t have a hybrid, I probably shouldn’t criticize but I do find it ironic. Selected pics below from the trip.


What the cake looks like after one year of deep freeze, it tasted 'ok'

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