More Ways to Ride the Long Tail –Four and Five

Steve Rubel wrote three ways to ride the Long Tail:

1) Rethink reach
Be very granular, think small, individuals matter and influence others. “Marketing” by “Markets is dead.

2) Fund niches
To me this really means cultivate, harness and encourage communities. I’ve quite a bit of thoughts on Community Marketing, view all my thoughts on the subject.

3) Demand more from media
Linking to individual content producers is not enough, enterprise media needs to become, interact, and mesh with the participants
Ok, here’s my additional points:

I’ve included four and five:

4) Align your workforce
Line up the right people in your organization to have discussions with each hair on the long tail in your community. Employees (just like consumers) are niched too! Folks will have a natural background or connection with specific haris, everyone in your company can become a specific community advocate. Get organized, and connect –I’m living the dream, as a Web Professional at a Data Storage Company my employer thinks I’m the best person to talk to Web Market –so off I go! (Yes, big companies can think small)

5) Build options into products
One size doesn’t fit all, If the long tail holds true for Marketing, Media, and Economics, then product teams need to start socializing that ‘one size fits’ all products are not going to cut the future. Building products that can easily be changed (either by company or consumer) need to be considered. So many choices.

Lastly, I’ve been having some very interesting thoughts with colleagues at Hitachi Data Systems about how the Long Tail applies to Data storage. Did you know that not all data is equal, and only a small percentage is used frequently –treating it equal can be a very costly situation. Our CTO Blogger Hu Yoshida has more information on “Tiered Storage”.

Edit: This just in from one of my colleagues. 88% of all data stored is “long tail” Maybe 12% is “production” data: databases, files, etc. that is “Bighead”. Does long tail have specific percentage breakdowns?