Marketing Reality Check: Social Media Emerging and growing quickly

The Social Media Adoption Curve (and the changes on marketers) quickly comes, are you ready?
We’re just at the start of the curve for social media adoption as mainstream medium. I would predict techogeeks and younger generations are the primary adopters.

Just saw this article by Advertising Age regarding Marketing Reality Check: Blogs, Pods, RSS.

It suggests that social media is not yet mainstream, is totally hype, and for many folks, awareness is low –I agree, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t prepare.

9 Points of supporting evidence, Social Media is coming: (add your own)

1) Web is the number one medium in the workplace in North America

2) TV is the number one medium at home in North America, trailed by Internet. This will change as they will soon marry.

3) Consumers use Google to find content (that means podcasts, rss, and blogs will get served up)

4) Online Consumers are talking to each other using the web and internet shoppers read consumers reviews before making decisions! (Also from Jupiter Research)

5) The internet is growing globally, soon markets will extend past physical borders (Shel Israel told me he and Charlene Li agree that Borders no Longer matter “Update: borders are becoming irrelevant”)

6) A decade of adoption: How the internet has woven itself into American life (Pew)

7) Soon new ways to discover information about products and markets will occur, Cell phones that bar scan products and get ratings from a trusted network of consumers

8) Mobile devices that tell consumers when products that they love are on sale and bundled with other products

9) The next generation of workers, buyers, and leaders will be internet savvy, and will be bringing their social networks with them. The MySpace generation cometh