Best of the Best Online Video Sites (Storage, Editing, Visitors, and Market Share)

Phil Harvey sent me this post of the top 10 Video Sharing sites, it quickly lists the top 10 video sites, and there’s some other market research in the cheat sheets below:

Top 10 Video Sites:

2) VideoEgg
3) Dailymotion
4) YouTube
5) Veoh
6) Google Video
7) Grouper
8) Jumpcut
9) AOL
10) Eyespot

What to know which video site can support your hour long trip to the Mojave Dessert?
This cheat sheet page shows some of the storage limitations and editing features.

Want to know which one of the video sites can get you the most eyeballs?
This cheat sheet shows the top viewers. It ain’t google.

Want to know who has the most Market Share?
This cheat sheet shows a clear winner

Other Online Video Reviews
In April, Techcrunch gave strong reviews for Motion Box, (which is not on Phil’s top 10 list) It’s interesting to see how the above list has changed since Nov 2005 from Techcrunch’s industry review. Yesterday we were even talking about the videos that Lunch 2.0 folks uploaded. Techcrunch has given a review on Jumpcut.

Related: have you seen Time’s top 50 websites?  interesting, it’s so hard to keep up so many companies.