Marketing Nirvana Interview

Mario has started a quest for knowledge and is kicking off a series of interviews from Marketing folks, he’ll probally be using text, and then hopefully podcasts.

His first interviewee was me, he sent me a string of questions, and it took several days for me to complete and get back to him –I finished up over the weekend. He’s posting it as a string of questions and answers, I found most of the questions level set, and a good entrance point to understanding modern corporate web strategy.

Part 1: Five Questions for Jeremiah Owyang

Part 2: Coming Soon

Oh, and Mario has started to write for the prestigious Marketing Profs, if you’re a marketing or advertisting professional or professor I recommend–congrats to both for the partnership —see Mario’s column here. His latest exploration if Doc Searls (one of the authors of Cluetrain) really hates Marketing.