WebVisions 2006: The Blog, Picture, and Video List

I’m going to try to collect all things Webvisions 2006.

There were three to four tracks going on all at once, making it difficult to absorb it all in. I believe some of these (if not all) will be podcasted, so expect more from the webvisions crew (who’s site is down from massive traffic –it’s back up now)

I’ll try to collect a list of links to WebVisions posts, flickr photos, podcasts, and videos.

Leave a comment if I’ve missed something and I’ll add it. (note: Kit Seeborg sent me a list of some blogs that the Webvisions staff has been aggregating, I’ve added the relevent ones –thanks Kit)

Webvisions Official Blog

Jeremiah Owyang’s Capture: (me)

Brian Oberkirch’s Capture:

He was on fire; blogging, pictures, podcasts, a one man media company –since he’s a social media consultant, it’s no surprise seeing him master his mediums.

Adam Darowski’s Capture:

Adam Duvander

Brian Fling’s Capture

Keith Robinson’s Capture

Ryan Williams’s Capture:

Micki Krimmel’s Capture
I wish I had more time to chat with her, she’s doing some intersting stuff, I’ll reach out to her later.

Andy Baio’s Capture:

Megan Cole’s Capture

Dave Johnson’s Capture:

Michael Botsko’s Capture:

Bryan Veloso’s Capture

Dan Rubin’s Capture

Jonathan Snook’s Capture

Brian Ford’s Capture:

Lynsey Struthers’s Capture

Nick Fink’s Capture

Paul Farning’s Capture:

Greg Narain’s Capture

Gene Smiths’s Capture

Matt Anderson’s Capture:

Liz Waldner

Cathy Wang’s Capture:

(Picture: Left to Right: Dan Saffer, Kit Seeborg, Jeremiah Owyang, Brian Oberkirch
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