Heading to Portland for Webvisions Conference

Left: Picture of the Webvisions Staff preparing Schwag (via Kit Seeborg on flickr)

Heading to WebVisions
later this week (check out the great lineup of speakers), in fact I’m jumping on a plane right after work on Wed to get there. I’ll be on a panel regarding “Social Media and Community Marketing” with Brian Oberkirch (who’s now freelance) Dan Saffer from Adaptive Path, and under the guidance of Kit Seeborg the Web Designer with business sense (smart!)

Let Go, Jump In: Community Marketing Strategies for Empowered Customers

Thursday, July 20, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Category: Community

Social media tools have entered the traditional marketing sphere, allowing customers to create and evolve their own user communities. Is this a nightmare for traditional marketers? Are barbarians at the gate? Or is this a priceless chance for companies to leverage their most powerful marketing tool of all… the customer.

Handing over power requires a leap of faith. We’ll share our experiences of letting go, then joining, and eventually leading the community. We’ll discuss specific ways in which you can integrate and design community marketing into your company’s business and see customers as your new partners.

Let go. Jump In. There’s beauty in the breakdown.

We’re pretty savvy web folks, we had one concall to prepare, Brian setup a basecamp for us to use, and I submitted my slides to Dan (who has a book coming)–who’ll make them all look uniform being the killer interaction designer he is. Check out the webvisions staff via Kit’s pics, they’re busy preparing schwag. More pics tagged webvisions 06 here.

I hear it’s going to be hot there –could hit 100 degrees. Not a big deal to me, as I grew up in Fresno CA, it’s not hot till it gets 111 to me. Most of the staff, speakers and crew may be staying at the Hotel Lucia, where I’m at. Will be fun, engaging, and interesting.

Many pics, and blog posts to come from what I learn…stay tuned.