Observations from Internet Marketing Strategies 2006, Boston

Note: I’m on little sleep so bear with me

At Frost and Sullivan, sitting next to Shel and Snowflake Rosen from Mindcomet (no punches thrown yet) I had a quick conversation with Brian Fitzpatrick, VP of the event. I encouraged him to check out assigning tags to events, and catering to the social media folks for conferences. I wrote a few tips about this a few weeks ago Web Strategy: Harnessing the Web for Conferences, Events, and Venues. I encourage all conference organizers to pre-assign tags, to harness blogs, podcasts, flickr images, and even youtube.

Keynote: Jeff Ramsey of eMarketer
Good lord, Jeff has amazing stats on pretty much anything Internet related. I’m typing a flurry to keep up.

Media spending projections
2006 Media Spending, growth is decreasing in Radio and TV. Online advertising spending is now growing at over 30%. Beware of attitudes in eroding trust, consumers are less brand loyal. It’s plunged over 41% in the last 3 years, Only 10% of consumers say they trust advertisements. Media fragmentation is leading to total disintermediation. Anyone is able to create content. SlingBox allows consumers to pull up TV shows via the web –anywhere, anytime. The Internet marries TV.

Marketers find that the internet is 61% effective in measuring ROI. (second to direct mail)

It’s less about broad capture, but more about smaller interaction that encourages

Today, 66% of US households have broadband at home.

79% of internet users access the web for entertainment.

Did you know that 70% of internet users using Google will use the paid and sponsored. However other B2C users may prefer organic search results.

Organic search gets higher conversion rates over paid search.

Who’s in Control?

Relinquish control to the consumer, you’ll have less control but more impact to the market. Yahoo CMO says it’s not about giving up control, it’s about listening.

Taming the Blog Hype Machine: Many of blogs indexed by Technorati are ‘dead’

14% of internet users read blogs (This increases however in Gen Y)

His stats show that 25% of people trust blogs –12% trust the accuracy. Only 3.6% as source of news.

Only 60ish% trust family and friends, and more trust TV (I’ve seen stats to show that’s completely wrong)

Consumers own your brand.
The barqsman.com is a consumer brand blog

Advertisers should explore creative ways to leaver the power of blogs
1) Monitor the Blogosphere
2) Work with existing relevant bloggers, in ways that will encourage them to link to your site.
3) Create your Own blogs to
a. Create a community of interest
b. Compleent your traditional media efforts

2006 only 10 million have “ever” listners, but only 3 Million are “active” listeners.

All about ‘On Demand” media.

About 60% are trying word of mouth engagement,

What’s the secret to marking something go viral? Make it good.
Check out Trailer Crashers viral video.

Note: He often compares multiple data sources –these numbers are not really accurate. Yikes his MySpace rankings are old, and Steve Rubel is with Edelman now, not Kooper –Overall great job (despite some stabs at bloggers)

Good job Jeff –amazing amount of stats, ties it in with human behavior, market changes, and predictions based off data.


Mike MinchewInternet Director of EDS

How Site Optimization can Drive Radical Business Improvement.

Says his presentation is more practical and tactical that Jeff’s, a case study of EDS.

Site Optimization is the foundational underpinnings of the site.

He discusses the ‘cats’ commercial that EDS had focused, and suggests a different avenue ”The website is the corporation’s most visible branded asset IT is ot a toy for the web designers.”

At EDS they used the web as a business tool
”Move the site from Toys to Tools”

My Observations: not sure this is the focus of an Holistic Web Strategy. Search Engine Optimization is a tactic and a core pillar of a strategy, but is it the primary desirewhy customers come to your site? Will SEO lead to repeat customers visiting? What if they hate your site the first time they come?