YouTube Conversations –Video to Video (V2V)

Now that I’ve started to explore YouTube, it was interesting to see Daniella respond to me in video conversation.

When it’s time for me to do deep analysis to understand mediums, I both participate, interact, as well as observe. I did this for Flickr, MySpace, and SecondLife as well –and I’m sure they will be many other tools to look at.

Conversations don’t just occur in text based mediums like blogs and forums, here are some direct conversations that are occuring from individuals responding to each other using video. The subject matter is regarding YouTube’s latest feature that showcases “Worst Rated Videos”. It doesn’t bother me but apparently it’s causing quite a discussion

Here’s some examples of these video conversations that are occurring

I predicted this would happen –text to audio, then audio to video (not a big shocker). Next video will go real time in a social network site.

Questions for you to answer:

  • Anyone can upload video and publish, capturing from phone or consumer camera is easy –you know that right?
  • Is your company ready to handle conversations about your products in Video?
  • Is your company watching online videos to see what’s being said about your products?
  • How are your products being used and positioned in these videos?
  • What’s your response going to be, if any at all? What will you do if they say something good? how about bad?