Reading Sampler: July 1st, 2006

Welcome to the first reading sampler on

here’s some doo-dads that I’m finding interesting:

>Accidental Tech Entrepreneurs Turn Their Hobbies Into Livelihoods: Stories about web-treprenurs that have made it big, most I’ve met, or read, or have seen speak. I admire and respect them.

>Mario Sundar is starting a podcasting series on Marketing influencers: he’s decided to start small -he’ll be interviewing me. Read more about his iDea.

>I hope Thomas Hawk from Zooomr sees this next one, a GPS navigation device that takes pictures and then uploads for mapping. This will be a standard features in phones in just 12-24 months in my opinion. Mash it up man, mash it. Tie this up to the In-dash PC and we’re really talking.

>Although I’m not really technical here’s an interesting bit on how to tweak one’s tech resume –some of the advice is relevent for all resumes.

>We’ve all seen Google Maps (and all the mashups with that) now we’re starting to see timesliders. Imagine if we could apply these for blogopshere conversations –like the one going on about payperpost –now that would be interesting.

>Digg version 3 is getting some press, after they recently announced they will start to cover many other topics besides Tech. Zdnet questions why we need the NYtimes anymore?