Dan Saffer on Interaction Design –UX Resources for the Participants Era

I’m privileged to be on a panel with Dan Saffer of Adaptive Path at WebVisions next month. The panel will be hosted by Kit Seeborg, and Brian Oberkirch will also be present –it’s going to be fun.

Brian (during his incredible tour around the bay area) spent some time interviewing Dan on a podcast on his upcoming book called “Designing for Interaction” This is a book I will get, as Dan mentions it’s folks that may not be hard core designers or may not have a strong design background –being a Web Manager, that sounds good to me.

Although I’ve not read Dan’s book (it won’t be published until a few months) understanding how to build interactive features for websites is key to a web strategy, even for the non-designer.

I spent a few minutes talking to Dan recently, and I told him how I remember seeing stats that 11% of internet users are bloggers and it doubles every 6months (That was earlier this year) and how I somehow remember that 40% of internet users ‘interact’ with a website by leaving information and that continues to increase. (I’ll do more research to find out)

This all makes sense and ties in with Social Media and how do companies respond to these changes of the web being more two-way, more interactive, more social. We’re going to have a great panel.