GoogleVideo over YouTube –trying another service

A few weeks ago I started to use YouTube, however they’re been some limitations on file sizes and durations –so I decided to try out Google Video. Later I’ll take a look at, revver, and a few others. Here’s a few videos I’ve uploaded on Google Video, the quality of video seems a little higher Google Video: Little Red Shack at Edgefield Manor Serving Moonshine 1 (see inside) Google: Video: Little Red Shack at Edgefield Manor Serving Moonshine 2 Google Video: Cascade Locks in Oregon Google Video: Portland Oregon Waterfalls Google Video: Horsetail Waterfalls in Portland Oregon There are corresponding photos in my Portland Flickr Set.

Weighing in what’s Really Important –Not Blogs, Podcasts, RSS, or Email

Enjoyed this article by David Baker “The Future of E-Mail” is vice president of e-mail marketing and analytical solutions at He eleveates the conversation above the specific tools to see the real benefits. I was saying the same thing about blogs a few months ago, as I explain “Why blogs are not important” Here’s a few key snippets from David: this is a great example of the integration of consumer and mass opinion integrating (and in some cases overtaking) enterprise created content. Companies and publishers that integrate will thrive. “We hear a lot about blogs, but blogs aren’t important. What’s important is personal publishing, or the ability to communicate a message to a global audience almost instantaneously. Personal publishing … Continue readingWeighing in what’s Really Important –Not Blogs, Podcasts, RSS, or Email

CEOs Don’t have time to write a blog –Should Consider Video

Why don’t CEOs write a blog? NYtimes wrote an article that much of the world is using the web, (as we know web is the first medium at work and second at home) so why Don’t CEOs blog? Johnathan Schwartz of Sun is the most well known CEO blog, he consideres himself primarily a communicator. Debbie Weil (who moderated a panel I was on at NewComm) a C-level blogging coach has given some points to the article, and I know in the past it’s been debated if CEOs even make good bloggers? Every single world will be held on to, (which is good and bad) and how close are they to products and customers? Are they part of the product … Continue readingCEOs Don’t have time to write a blog –Should Consider Video

Video: Day of the Longtail

Saw this on YouTube, clever, funny: Video: Day of the LongTail Loved the bit about customers blogging back –they just had to throw in that ROI part huh? Yes, Customers continue to take charge. If you’re not sure what the LongTail is, it’s a marketing/economic theory that applies to the Internet, individual consumer choices and niches, and more choices on top of choices, and more of less is going to be sold –democratization of content and goods Respected blogger and friend David Berkowitz has written the following for Mediapost in regards to the recent book that was launched: “To put the concept into context, consider a graph with a steep slope downward from the head of the curve on the … Continue readingVideo: Day of the Longtail

Marriage of Internet and TV (and other devices)

Michael at Techcrunch, released a pretty kickin comparison of the online TV guide replacements, there’s quite a few sites that can extend the TV experience past the box. The paper version of TV guides are going dodo. (as with the slow demise of newspapers). I remember a few weeks ago reading articles about Google’s upcoming ambient contextual audio feature that would enable any internal microphone on a computer or laptop to ‘listen’ to what’s being played on TV and then display contextual information on the screen. Imagining watching the Giants game and Advertisements for Giants merchandise started to appear on websites you visited. At Webvisions I video recorded a few minutes of the future of IPTV, see the video here. … Continue readingMarriage of Internet and TV (and other devices)

Difficulty Explaining my Career to Friends and Family

I’ve found it interesting, misleading, motivating, embarrassing, and sometimes frustrating trying to explain what I do (or the perceptions around it). My focus area(s) are simply too nacent for the hump of the crowd to get it. I realize that I’m doing something that’s new (but yet so old), let me share with you the challenges: Awareness My wife Shirley went to dinner with an old female classmate last week –they dined in high fashion at a swanky SF restaurant for nearly 4 hours. Of course her friend asked what her husband did for a living, ultimatly something about ‘blogs’ came out. Shirley’s friend asked “What’s a blog?” so I don’t think the conversation could go to strategic at that … Continue readingDifficulty Explaining my Career to Friends and Family

Customers Control Information: “There are no secrets anymore, just information the audience doesn’t yet have.”

Shel Holtz discusses the infamous example of a customer calling AOL support line and being hassled if not dangled in order to keep him as a customer –poor customer service. This bad experience was further mangled as it spread on the blogosphere, and even on digg. The recording of the actual event was heard –I was even frustrated when listening. Companies can no longer afford to treat customers poorly, the examples of AOL, Dell, and others are suffering at the hands of customers. Customers are clearly in charge. Shel Holtz observes: “There are no secrets anymore, just information the audience doesn’t yet have.” As a Community Manager, I must embrace this law –by being a customer resource, and advocate, and … Continue readingCustomers Control Information: “There are no secrets anymore, just information the audience doesn’t yet have.”

Web Strategy: Selecting the Right Corporate Blogger

Many companies today are getting into corporate blogging, although for most corporate cultures allowing just anyone or everyone to blog is not a reality. (Although I guarantee in a few years blogs will be issued like email accounts to each and every employee). Selecting the right corporate blogger is a daunting task, as it will make (or break) your blogging program. By selecting the wrong blogger, it could end up in disaster, or worse yet, boring and ineffective. Also, I strongly recommend providing individual blogs rather than faceless teamblogs –yes there’s more risk, however the benefits can be greater to building a real relationship. Here’s some criteria that I’ve found that makes a good corporate blogger, some of these are … Continue readingWeb Strategy: Selecting the Right Corporate Blogger

Web Strategy: How to Listen to the Voice of the Customer

Here’s Why and How to listen to your customer voice: The Voice of the Customer gets louder With blogs, podcasts, videoblogs, wikis, and forums, the voice of the customer is getting louder and louder. It’s not a fad, the MySpace generation tells us that. We also know people talk about companies when they care, they are passionate either one way or another. We know that customers trust other customer opinion above all others (or at least people ‘like me’) and we know the web is the top medium at work and second most popular medium at home. Customers are starting to voice their opinion (Both good and bad) about products they use, and they are connecting to each other. We … Continue readingWeb Strategy: How to Listen to the Voice of the Customer

Mike and Zach from MyKin visit me at Hitachi Data Systems

Mike and Zach are two web geeks touring cross country in an old beat up VW promoting their new company MyKin, a social networking and media site for familes! Julio told me last week that Scoble linked to them, and they had a copy of the Hitachi Data Systems Silicon Valley map. I see those maps around the building here and there. I left them a comment on their blog to invite them to lunch, and I was pleased to have Mike and Zach over to my work at Hitachi Data Systems yesterday! They’ve visited companies like Intel, Facebook (one of our customers) and I even connected them with Will Pate at Flock! (Will was next to me at webvisions … Continue readingMike and Zach from MyKin visit me at Hitachi Data Systems