An Issue of Credibility: OpinMind vs PayPerPost

Ok, it seems like I’ve really opened a blogstorm around the whole topic of paying per post. I was the one that broke the news about PayPerPost and reported it to Techcrunch. There are several people that violently disagree with this like business week, and Aneil. No, I do not work for PayPerPost or OpinMind –I have a day job and they have nothing to do with the web. (wow is this what it’s going to come to?) There’s a comparison of OpinMind and PayPerPost eBquity –since I know both CEOs, I think I’ll expand on the issue just a bit more and provide some recommendations. Recently, I had lunch with James Kim, the CEO of OpinMind. This is a … Continue readingAn Issue of Credibility: OpinMind vs PayPerPost

A Wave of Corporate Bloggers

Toby, the Marketing Diva, reports that Jupiter Media Research shows that Corporate and Business Communications will more active in the blogosphere dialogue. She quotes that “… 35 percent of large companies plan to institute corporate Weblogs this year. Combined with the existing deployed base of 34 percent, nearly 70 percent of all site operators will have implemented corporate blogs by the end of 2006.” The Tide is Rising –more Companies adopt Blogging Programs That’s a lot more companies that plan to get involved in the conversations with their market. She asks Jupiter to backup their claims and their numbers –read her post to get more of the details. One must be pretty careful before posting absolute numbers, as I started … Continue readingA Wave of Corporate Bloggers

Web Strategy: “Viral Chicklets” applied to MySpace

Viral Chicklets –Flash, WOM, Syndicated, Bloggy, Clever. My new friend Rick D. is one clever guy. He’s part web developer, part marketing, and 100% adaptable. He runs a ‘Skating Lifetyle’ website called Roller Warehouse -and has figured out how to delight his customers. Rick writes to me: “ I have been reading your Web Strategy site. Especially the articles about marketing and MySpace and your take on some of the challenges that business blogs face. I have come up with a pretty cool marketing strategy and I’d love to hear what you think…” Thanks for the mail Rick (and everyone else that’s been sending me email) He’s given me permission to publish his story –and it’s a good one. Yeah, … Continue readingWeb Strategy: “Viral Chicklets” applied to MySpace

Web Strategy: Fast Website Development for the Emerging Business

Request for Web Development: for Home Business Tony, an old colleague contacted me yesterday to ask if I could recommend any web designers or developers for an up and coming small business of hand crafted accessories for infants. He’s seeking to get a website up to market, showcase products, and provide an active shopping cart to sell the product. Harness existing social network tools I recommended that he consider using a blog (blogger is an easy and free to tool to use, wordpress a bit more features) to write about the painstaking care that goes into each one of the products he’s crafted. I know that this style of passion marketing has worked well for the English Cut (A high … Continue readingWeb Strategy: Fast Website Development for the Emerging Business

Exodus Alumni Party –Palo Alto, June, 2006

A dinner at Hukilau was held for the Exodus Communications Alumni. I’m sorta hesitant to write about Exodus, the last time I wrote about it “I Remember Exodus“, I got hate mail from bitter ex-employees, and angry former investors that lost their shirts. (Among positive comments as well) Listen, I didn’t do this alone, so don’t fully blame me –go leave your comments on Wikipedia’s entry on Exodus. Thanks to: The party was sponsored by Tim Reynders, Gil Gallardo, and Vlad Milutin –the Evite reads: “Vlad had even recruited a staff of helpers when Gil Gallardo and Tim Reynders volunteered to sponsor the event through their real estate group, Protelo Group Realty. And since they happened to also have a … Continue readingExodus Alumni Party –Palo Alto, June, 2006

Your Feedback Requested on This Beta Blog

Welcome to the Private Beta! This means you’re someone I trust and you’ve an opinion I respect and listen to! I’ve decided to get some serious tools for my blogging passion –and I’ll be building out some other features on other webpages (wiki, multimedia, and other subsites), as well as obtaining a domain name that’s easy to swallow. I’d love to hear your feedback on this new blog and template –How do you like it? 1. Look and Feel 2. User Interface 3. features 4. Information organization 5. Any other feedback. Leave a comment below with your honest feedback! This post will self-destruct after formal launch. (Actually, this post may stay live –it’s an interesting demonstration of audience feedback.) I’m … Continue readingYour Feedback Requested on This Beta Blog

Increase of Adults Online –Read the Report

I’m keeping track of trends of my industry (web) and am always looking for usage numbers. Saw this report showing the increase in adult users on the web from The Center of Media Research. Adults Online Grows From 9% in ’95 To 77% Here’s a few of the highlights: Harris Interactive calculates that 77 percent of U.S. adults are now online More young than older people, and more affluent than low-income people, are online Eight percent of those online are now age 65 or over (compared to 16% of all adults who are 65 or over) 39 percent of those online (compared to 47% of all adults) did not go to college 14 percent have incomes of less than $25,000 … Continue readingIncrease of Adults Online –Read the Report

Purpose of this Blog

This blog is my second (actually third or fourth blog, but who’s counting) that I’ve started. This is an extention of Web Strategy of Jeremiah, and will contain specific Web Strategy Resources. Learn more about me here. You can view my previous blog on Blogspot, there are a few hundred posts related to Web Strategy that will stay archived there. This domain and it’s resource (blog, wiki, tips and strategies) will continue to grow, please subscribe or bookmark me.